Top Bachelor Party Destinations | Where to Host a Bucks Night

Anyone planning a bucks night wants to make sure the occasion is a success. The following are some top locations for a celebration of this type that are sure to please any groom-to-be, as well as his friends.


Stag weekends in Perth are virtually always successful, and for this reason the city has been a long-time favourite among gents from throughout Europe and other parts of the world. Featuring a fun and exciting nightlife, gorgeous women who are in plentiful supply, great restaurants and friendly local residents, there is nothing more you could desire from a top bucks party destination. When the sun goes down, Perth offers great entertainment, and you will never forget the performances of the city’s gorgeous female strippers.


Although people sometimes joke that shopping is a lady’s activity, some of the world’s best stores for men are found in Glasgow. The city has consistently earned a top spot on the best bucks party destinations list and once you experience it you will certainly see why. Purchase new apparel or novelty items during the day, and then sink into the city’s stimulating, boisterous and exciting nightlife. An ideal bucks night awaits you and your pals, and you will be thrilled with the broad range of gentlemen’s clubs there are from which to choose. Restaurants, discos, nightclubs and adult entertainment establishments can also be found to please any groom-to-be.


A Swedish stag party can offer an unforgettable experience for the guest of honor and the rest of the lads and Gothenburg is a top choice for those planning a bucks night out in Sweden. Swedes are renowned for their outlandish approach to the party scene, and the city of Gothenburg offers extraordinary entertainment options, from five-star dining to trendy dance clubs and top-notch gentleman’s clubs where the female strippers seem too good to be true.


Oslo, Norway, is one of the best bucks party destinations available and has something to please everyone. Not only does the city have great nighttime entertainment, but it is also a terrific choice for gents who enjoy sports and other physical activities. For example, the city has a supercar track where the group can test their driving skills in a competitive race. Additionally, Oslo has several kayaking locations, suitable for both novices and seasoned kayakers. Because stag weekends have become so popular in Oslo, many clubs remain open late into the night, and members of the softer sex are known to party as hard as the guys.


Montreal, Canada, is considered one of the world’s top bachelor party destinations, and it is not difficult to see why when you walk down Crescent Street or St. Laurent Boulevard. Beautiful women abound in the city, and its nightlife thrives all year round. An essentially endless selection of trendy lounges, nightclubs and adult entertainment establishments are available every evening for bucks who want to party. In addition, the city is known for its famous strip clubs filled with beautiful, high-class performers. Some of the worlds sexiest ladies can be seen when the stag party visits the Newtown Club, Club Super Sexy, Wanda’s and Jacques Lounge. The Time Supper Club, for serious partygoers, is also opened on a nightly basis and offers everything you could desire for an exciting, memorable celebration.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The ideal back-drop for a bachelor’s night out, New Orleans, Louisiana, has virtually everything you could desire when planning a bucks party. Regardless of whether you want to stroll Bourbon Street, experience Mardi Gras, or have drinks in a swanky topless bar, New Orleans will not disappoint. The Cat’s Meow, a pulsing, fast-paced club is one of the city’s most renowned bachelor hang-outs and is perfect for uninhibited party-goers. For rowdy fun, you may wish to take the group to the Razoo Bar and Patio or Bourbon Street’s Temptation Club. There is essentially no bad choice in this boisterous and fun-filled city.


It is not difficult to create an unforgettable bucks party in this stimulating and beautiful area of the world. Sydney provides everything necessary for gents planning a memorable and exciting bucks night out on the town. The city boasts hundreds of restaurants, clubs, and bars, with food and cocktails to please any taste or preference. If you and your mates are looking forward to being entertained and served by beautiful topless waitresses, you will not be disappointed. Adult clubs are open quite late, and the best strippers in Sydney are always available to create an exotic and lively atmosphere.

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