Onyx Dessert Lounge Adelaide

After our glorious dinner at British India, we headed to North Adelaide to the Onyx Dessert Lounge.

The first thing I noticed about the Onyx Dessert Lounge was that the door was tiny! I’m not a big person and we to almost go through sideways.  Maybe it’s a way to trap you in once you have eaten all the desserts and put on a few kgs in the process.. kind of reminds me of Hansel and Gretel and the Gingerbread house..

There are a few different areas to sit in, we were lucky enough to get a booth, with that said there were maybe 3 other table in there, so it was fairly quiet. The downside was this particular booth was in a fairly dark spot and right next to the kitchen so we got to listen to kitchen chatter and have people walking in and out of the kitchen and the lighting was rubbish for photos! (yes I’m all about the photos!)

Onyx Dessert Bar North Adelaide Onyx Dessert Bar North Adelaide

We were seated and handed menus, the menus at Onyx are not your conventional paper or plastic menus. These menus are on little ibook readers, it was pretty cool. Although this being a dessert bar I found it to be a little strange that out of the 12 page menu only 1 page was actually a dessert menu? A little strange…. None the less, the boys ordered coffees and the girls ordered cocktails (of course!) and we each ordered a dessert (well except for Mike).


Everything came out really quickly, which I guess was good but it would have been nice to relax a little and enjoy our drinks first. The desserts were not only “magically” presented they actually tasted wonderful! The cocktails came with sugar cubes and house made marshmallow for the hot chocolate.

Onyx Dessert Bar North Adelaide Onyx Dessert Bar North Adelaide

Our table had the –

Cuban Chocolate Square, Burnt Milk gelato, Praline Cigar, Hazelnut praline.

This was one that I was going to have until I saw the word “Burnt milk” it put me off! But apparently it was very nice!

Onyx Dessert Bar North Adelaide

Lemon Sugar Caramelize vanilla Crème Brulee, chocolate ganache, palet Brenton.

Crème Brulee is Pete’s favourite, he said it was really good and all the flavours worked well with each other.

Onyx Dessert Bar North Adelaide

Lemon Mascarpone cheese cake, balsamic ince cream, fig jelly, caramelize fig, grape gel, cinnamon lavosh.

This one was huge and looked very cool,. It was set up like a cheese plate including a “sword” shaped cracker to cut the cheese cake but obviously didn’t work well as a knife.

Onyx Dessert Bar North Adelaide

Passion fruit and vanilla bombe Alaska, with run soaked pineapple and a coconut biscuit

This one was mine! Oh…my….gosh it was good!! They set it on fire as a cool effect and told me to make sure to blow it out before it gets too burnt but as usual I got carried away with taking lots of photos and it got a little too crispy! Oh well it was still tasted great!

Onyx Dessert Bar North Adelaide

I had a Strawberry mojito which was great but too much ice! It did remind me of the day we sat in the pool with strawberry mojito in Koh Samui and ended up looking as red as the strawberry!

Onyx Dessert Bar North Adelaide

The Décor at Onyx Dessert bar is pretty cool, it is very modern and colourful and the seating was fairly comfortable. We will be back again to try a few different desserts, hopefully they will have more on the menu in the dessert department.

Onyx Dessert Bar North Adelaide
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Some photos have been provided by our good friend Duy from Digital Dash 

What’s your favourite Dessert Bar?



    • 12 June, 2013 / 1:07 pm

      THanks Hannah! It was incredible! A little expensive but a night nice out! We only do it once a month.

  1. 13 June, 2013 / 1:10 pm

    Wow! Looks like Onyx is the place to check out for desserts when in Adelaide. Your post got me mouth-watering looking at those photos.

    • 13 June, 2013 / 1:12 pm

      Thanks Lyndsay!
      Onyx is a really cool place! Can’t wait to go back 🙂

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