Mountain Adventures That Will Take Your Travelling To New Heights

Nothing shouts ‘adventure’ like climbing to the top of a mountain. If you’re looking for an escapade to make you feel on top of the world, these thrill-seeking mountain escapes could be worth considering.

Work on a ski resort

Lots of people go on ski holidays. But why not take this to the next level and work at a ski resort? You’ll be able to spend every moment of your time off on the slopes (or alternatively enjoying the après ski). You’ll also be able to get more involved in the ski culture, mixing with the locals and better understanding how ski tourism works. For those that already have experience on the slopes, you could take things one step further and get a ski instructor course qualification. Alternatively, if you’ve never skiied before, you could work as a rep or a get a job behind a bar, and take up leisurely lessons in your free time.

Trek the Himalayas

This mountain range sports some of the largest peaks in the world including Everest and K2. Whilst scaling these mountains isn’t advised, you can trek other parts of the mountain range as part of a guided tour. Bhutan offers some amazing trips that include stopping at Buddhist monasteries and ancient ruins along the way, turning it into a cultural adventure on top of being a physical challenge. This type of travelling is only for the active types and due to the thin air and challenging terrain you may have to be in good physical condition to handle such a trek.

Get up close and personal with a volcano

Ever wanted to visit an active volcano? Whilst some are off-limits, others can be visited by tourists. Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park is one such place to see volcanoes (lava and all!). You can take an 11 mile trek around the rim of Kilauea and stare into the pit. The national park has 150 miles of trails in total including rainforests and various volcano viewpoints. Other places in the world where you can see active volcanoes include Italy’s Mt. Etna and Ecuador’s Cotopaxi.

Take a mountain drive

For those that want an adventure less physically demanding, there are plenty of renowned mountain drives around the world including Chapman’s Peak Drive in South Africa and the Tianmen Mountain Road in China. You can hire a car whilst you’re out there, or hire a chauffeur that can take you for a road tour (in some countries such as China where there are strict regulations on international drivers, this may be the only route). One particularly popular mountain drive is Mt Fuji in Japan. You can pretty much take a road vehicle all the way to the top (you do need to walk the last section). The peak offers some spectacular views of the region – some of the most celebrated in the world. Make sure to visit on a clear day and take a camera!

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  1. 25 April, 2017 / 9:43 pm

    Happy travelvasery!!! All your tips are amazing. I’ve found them useful in all my travels. Trying foods have always been a fear. I don’t want to have a growling or bloated stomach in a foreign place. But I will overcome that fear and try mire street foods.
    My best travel tip is keeping an open mind. We read so much about places and have an already formed opinion of the place before we even get there. Most of the times, it turns out not to be all true. And even when it’s trues, I’ve learnt to find beauty in the different cultures I encounter. After all, how boring would the world be if we were all similar.
    Thank you for this!