Kings of Spring: The Best Places to See This Season

When most people think about spring vacations, they’re usually happy to consider just about anywhere in the world. After all, spring is a popular time to go on vacation for a reason – many places overseas have a reputation for having climates very different to those of the U.S. or the U.K., with temperatures being way too high in the summer and disastrously low in the winter. So it’s no surprise that spring (and, to some extent, autumn) is a great season to go travelling.

But there are a few places that come to mind which are best to visit in spring not just because of the perfect temperatures, but also because these places really come to life in this season. We’re going to take a quick look at a few of the world’s best places to visit in the spring.


The Canary Islands

How can anyone make a list such as this without including the Canary Islands? Of course, the Canary Islands includes seven ‘main’ islands, so maybe it’s better to be a bit more specific about which one to visit in this glorious season. Quite a few of them can fight for the champion belt, but El Hierro would probably have to take it. The island is replete with hills, meadows, and gob-smacking flora that really being to pop in the spring.


The Netherlands

When people think about the Netherlands and, more specifically, its capital, Amsterdam, they’re often thinking about plants – although not always the most family-friendly ones! The truth is that this place is an incredible sight in the spring. Nowhere else in Europe can compete when it comes to the plant life in this place. The national parks and the flowers within have to be seen to be believed – the tulip displays are among the most gorgeous things on Earth. Spring is the perfect time to visit The Netherlands.


Ljubljana, Slovenia

Okay, so if there is a place in Europe that can compete with the Netherlands when it comes to greenery, then it’s Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. The name may not come immediately to mind when it comes to spring locations, but there’s a reason it won the European Green Capital Award in 2016! Late spring is best enjoyed by cycling around the city, making it easy to stop and take in its bounty of beautiful green locations.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

You may not think you’re familiar with this place, but you may have come across it in some elements of popular culture. If you’re into your poetry, Dubrovnik is the place that Lord Byron was talking about in his poem ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ (Adriatic being the same of the sea in which the city is perched). If you’re not a wide reader of poetry – and, let’s face it, few people seem to be these days – then you may have seen this restored medieval city used as backdrops in Game of Thrones. With the waters being extremely clear and blue, and greenery mixing perfectly and plentifully among the limestone streets and orange-tinted rooftops, there’s no doubt that Dubrovnik is an incredible spring location.

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