I’m often asked about where to the best place to stay in Phuket is and what the different areas are like in Phuket, some people want party central and others want something more relaxed and calming with the option to go to those “party areas” or busy markets. Keep in mind… View Post

Once in a lifetime – Jetlev Flyer Experience We organised for “Water Edge Sports” to pick us up from our hotel at 11:45, the trip to their office took about 35mins. We were booked in for a 1 hour JetLev experience, this included the safety talk and 2x2omin JetLev rides. When we arrived… View Post

The first thing I noticed in Patong was the smell, Oh my goodness! We had clearly been blessed with fresh air in Rawai (where our hotel was based). Patong is the smelliest place I have ever been too! But don’t worry you do get used to it fairly quickly! Mall Shopping… View Post

These days Phuket is so full of tourists; there are markets and shops everywhere! There is certainly no shortage of places to go shopping in Phuket.  With it being Thailand, you are able to get a great bargain like a t-shirt for 100 baht ($3 AUD). Most of the markets are… View Post

Bangkok might not be at the top of the list for the romantic destinations, but it does have a certain charm and there are definitely some romantic place to visit or things to see or do together. Enjoy a romantic dinner cruise the Chao Phraya River Enjoy a private dinner cruise… View Post