Avoid the Hotel from Hell!


Hotels are supposed to be these flawless, ultra-comfortable breaks from reality that many people see as the best part about going on vacation. But a lot of people find themselves bitterly disappointed with the hotel room they end up getting. A part of this is due to the fact that hotels are – let’s face it – a little overrated. These days you have so many options when it comes to vacation accommodation; renting an apartment for a vacation, for example, is becoming more and more popular all the time.

But if we’ve decided that a hotel stay is the best option for us, then it’s worth having a look at the risks that can really ruin a good hotel experience.


Can reviews be trusted?

There’s a pretty widespread problem in the online business reviews field. There’s the inherent problem of never really knowing who is writing the review or if they’ve been bribed to write in a particular way. But in the hotel business, there are a bunch of other problems to consider. One of the most underrated problems is that a lot of reviewers – “real” reviewers – simply aren’t all that honest when they’re rating a place. You’ll often see a five-star review that is the result of having been “happy enough” with the room and service; they get overly generous and inflate the greatness of their experience. A hotel with a lot of five-star reviews might end up disappointing you more than one with fewer five-star reviews.



You may have seen, in your case, that the daily rate of a hotel room matched that of the daily rate of an apartment rental, so you decide to go with a trustworthy hotel rather than the more mysterious leap of faith that is an apartment rental. But with hotels you need to consider a bunch of expenses; buying meals that are prepared for you, as well as leaving tips, all adds up to quite tremendous amounts over the length of your stay.

Hygiene woes

Perhaps one of the biggest fears that people have when it comes to hotels is potential hygiene problems. They’re wary of bathroom mold, chemical pollutants, allergen, bed bugs – sorry if this is particularly triggering to germaphobes, but these things can be legitimate concerns in many hotels! So what can you do? Well, if you’re affected then you can seek discounts or room changes; if your health is affected you could even seek legal help. For example, bed bugs might call for an Elan Law Firm bed bug lawyer. Consider being very thorough when checking out reviews of the hotels you’re looking at, and have a good look at the photos provided!


Privacy problems

Finally, there’s the relative lack of privacy that comes with a hotel. Sure, you’ve got a room that you can lock – but cleaners can come in whenever they please unless you’ve got a sign up explicitly requesting that they don’t bother you. You’ve also got other guests to consider – if you’re unlucky enough to be placed next door to a room with a loud baby in it, then that can have a pretty adverse effect on your vacation!

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