7 Adventures to Be Had in The Scottish Highlands


If you want an adventure,  breathe some fresh air and unwind, head to the Scottish Highlands. This is one of the most spectacular sceneries around the UK. They have everything you want, from mountains, to the coastline, and some deep beautiful lochs (and yes, Loch Ness is in the Highlands). You can even enjoy some of the best whisky in the world when you visit.  

The Castles:

The Highlands are home to several castles. You the  popular Eilean Donan, which over looks the Island of Skye. There is the breathtaking Dunrobin Castle, which looks like something right out of a Disney movie. You can also visit some ruined ones  like Castle Tioram, or  the Urquhart. They are all filled with history, and provide outstanding views.

castle eilean donan

Visiting Loch Ness:

Immortalized by the creature that allegedly lives in there, the Loch Ness is the most popular place for tourists in the Highlands. The loch is a beautiful deep water lake where you can take fishing cruises, visit the Urquhart Castle or just try to spot nessie. If you’re interested  head over to the learn about the history of the area head over to the  Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition Experience.

Loch Ness

Whisky Experiences:

If you thought you knew about whisky, think again. There are over 31 whisky distilleries in the Highlands area. The water here is said to be so pure, that the Malts produced in the region are considered some of the best. This is for not only in Scotland but around the world.

You can head to the Dewar’s Aberfeldy Distillery, and taste some of their blends at the whisky lounge. Tthey also have a blender’s tour where you can create your own bottle. For a tasting tour go to Oban Distillery. You’ll learn how their scotch is made and the visit includes a sample of Oban Malt direct from the cask. There are many distilleries to choose from, and in this case, there is no way to go wrong.

whiskey in Scotland

Hiking the Ben Nevis:

Ben Nevis is the highest of the mountain in the British Isles. It is also one of Scotland’s biggest climbs. Iit’s name literally means mountain with it’s head on the clouds. Ben Nevis attracts over 125.000 visitors every year. Ben Nevis is a must see in the Highlands, an adventure in itself, with stunning views, and the thrill to being up in the clouds.


Strolling through Sandwood Bay:

Scotland is filled with exquisite beaches. Sandwood has been named as one of  the most beautiful one in Britain. This could be because of the rose hued sands, the dunes, or the cliffs surrounding it. Make sure you stay for the legendary sunsets

Scotland beach and sunset

See the Wildlife

The highlands have  a lot of wildlife. You can spot otters, mooses, wildcats, and many other anaimals. If you love dolphins, make sure you head over to Chanonry Point.  These are wild dolphins, so make sure you allow enough time, as they are a rare sight.

Scotland Wildlife

The Food

The whisky here is great, but the food is also outstanding. The best thing about the Highlands is that is so diversity.  From oysters, mussels to the  wild mushrooms. Trying haggis for the first time is usually a culinary adventure. Your common sense may be telling you no however, after that first bite you will be hooked.

Scotland food



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